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Middle Asia Management Consulting is:

The Middle Asia Management Consulting (MAMC) center for marketing and sociological research is part of an international research network covering Central Asian countries.


Middle Asia Management Consulting headquarters is located in Uzbekistan also has offices and representative offices in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan


At the moment MAMC has strong intellectual resources and technical capabilities to conduct high-quality marketing and sociological research of any complexity and scale in Central Asia.


High quality of information collection is the key to successful implementation of all our projects. 


MAMС cooperates with major European and Russian research agencies, providing information collection services for quantitative and qualitative research.


MAMC has its own CATI centers at 25 stations in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and 8 in Almaty (Kazakhstan), as well as specially equipped rooms for holding focus groups in Tashkent


MAMС strives to conduct business on the principles of social responsibility and business ethics and to carry out research projects in accordance with the requirements of ESOMAR and the International code of marketing and social research.


MAMС adheres to the following principles:

Professionalism. Employees of the company must demonstrate their professional qualities at all stages of project.

The company's professionalism is the professionalism of employees who are able to offer Customer various options for solving problems in order to achieve the set goal.


Quality. The quality of the final results of project should be shown by usefulness of our work for Customers and contribute to the development of their business.


Efficiency. It must be remembered that our services are necessary for the Customer to make specific decisions in the rapidly changing market situation and therefore they must be provided in timely manner.


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