MAMС provides full range of services in the field of marketing and sociological research, and has extensive experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

All business processes are designed specifically to meet your unique business needs. If you don't need full service requirement, we are happy to help with any aspect of the research process, including questionnaire development, data collection, project management, analysis, and reporting.


CAPI (TAPI), PAPI surveys

MAMC provides high-quality data collection and processing services for research agencies, advertising and PR agencies, and consultants in various sectors of the economy and public life.


We use variety of data collection methods available to ensure that the project will executed in accordance with your requirements, quickly and cost-effectively.


CATI surveys


Focus groups


We conduct f2f surveys in all regions of Uzbekistan. In the vast majority of cases, we conduct surveys via tablets (CAPI / TAPI), if necessary, mainly by the Customer's decision, we conduct PAPI surveys.

To conduct surveys, we have:

  • extensive network of interviewers with experience working on tablets

  • in all cities of Uzbekistan there are freelance representatives for the organization and control of field work

  • at the same time, we can attract up to 45 tablets for one project

  • we conduct minimum of twenty percent control of all interviews conducted

  • ability to program questionnaires of any complexity

  • we have experience working with questionnaires programmed in the following programs: Survey-Studio, SurveyToGo, Nfield CAPI, etc.

We use the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) system, computer system for telephone interviews.

Features of our CALL center:

  • 35 equipped stations

  • 55 trained operators

  • we conduct surveys in Uzbek, Russian and Karakalpak languages

  • ability to conduct about 350 interviews per day

  • if the survey methodology is required, we conduct surveys on Saturday / Sunday

  • 100 percent recording of all interviews with the possibility of providing them to the Customer

  • we conduct surveys in both the b2c and b2b sectors

MAMC offers for customers to organize and conduct focus group discussions in specialized room in Tashkent. We conduct exit FGD in all regions of Uzbekistan, including rural areas.

In Tashkent we have all the resources for conducting focus groups:

  • discussion room for 6-10 participants

  • the comfortable client room can easily accommodate up to 8 people

  • in the discussion room, made video and audio recordings, with possibility of providing online broadcast for customer

  • we have special room for technical specialist and simultaneous translator

  • we provide simultaneous translations into English and Russian

Hall test, Home test

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We have considerable experience in conducting Hall tests. We conduct testing of food, goods and services, and Conjoint analysis.


We conduct Hall tests:

  • in Tashkent, regional centers and rural areas of Uzbekistan

  • we have the opportunity to conduct Hall tests by using laptops and tablets

  • during the home test performs audio recording, if necessary we can agree with them on the possibility of video shooting

  • possibility of conducting Hall tests and home tests with pre-filling diaries, or visiting stores and making purchases

Mystery shopping

gallery/mamc_mystery shopping

MAMC has extensive experience in conducting research using the Mystery shopping method. We use this method both for personal visits to retail / service outlets and for phone calls.

To solve research problems using secret buyers we have:

  • specially trained mystery shoppers

  • based on the results of visits to retail / service points, we provide the customer with completed questionnaires, they can be programmed for tablets

  • all visits are accompanied by audio recordings of the secret buyer's conversations with the staff

  • necessary advertising materials and other attributes of retail outlets are recorded

  • photo of facade of a retail outlet



One of the tools for conducting qualitative research is in-depth and / or expert interviews. We employ specially trained interviewers and supervisors to conduct these interviews.

For in-depth and expert interviews, we:

  • we attract experienced recruiters to get the consent of employable target audience

  • audio recording for all interviews

  • if necessary, we can agree with them on the possibility of video shooting

  • we conduct interviews in a special room with a two-way mirror

  • if necessary, we accompany the interview with simultaneous translation